Conference of Orphans' Court Judges

On November 18, 2003, the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals issued an Administrative Order establishing the Conference of Orphans' Court Judges. On September 28, 2015, the Chief Judge issued an Administrative Order to harmonize the structure of the Conference within the governance structure adopted by the Chief Judge. On September 18, 2019, the Chief Judge issued an Administrative Order altering the terms of appointment to the Conference.

The Conference consults with the Chief Judge on matters that affect the Orphans' Court, while offering advice and making recommendations on judiciary policy and legislation that impacts the Orphans’ Court. It also provides a forum for exchanging ideas and the mentoring of new Orphans’ Court judges. The Conference consists of 14 members appointed by the Chief Judge who serve two-year terms:

Hon. Athena Malloy Groves, Chair Orphans’ Court of Prince George’s County
Hon. Juliet G. Fisher, Vice Chair Orphans’ Court of Baltimore County
Hon. Darlene M. Breck Orphans’ Court of Charles County
Hon. Debra A. Breeding Orphans’ Court of Washington County
Hon. Melissa Pollitt Bright Orphans’ Court of Wicomico County
Hon. Wendy A. Cartwright Orphans’ Court of Prince George’s County
Hon. Kimberly J. Cascia Orphans’ Court of Queen Anne’s County
Hon. Charles M. Coles, Jr. Orphans’ Court of Carroll County
Hon. William L. Harris Orphans’ Court of Cecil County
Hon. Cheryl K. Jacobs Orphans' Court of Worcester County
Hon. Michele E. Loewenthal Orphans’ Court of Baltimore City
Hon. Bonnie L. Nicholson Orphans’ Court of Frederick County
Hon. Thomas M. Pelagatti Orphans' Court of Calvert County
Hon. David J. Wheeler Orphans’ Court of Talbot County