Pro Bono/IOLTA Reporting: a Combined Process

New rules regarding pro bono and IOLTA reporting were adopted to permit the creation of a single compliance schedule. Pro bono and IOLTA reporting is now done on a fiscal year basis and reports must be filed online. You will receive email notification once per year, in July, notifying you it is time to pay your Client Protection Fund assessment and file your pro bono and IOLTA reports online. Payments and reports are now due September 10.

What Is Required?  All lawyers licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and on active status, are required to fulfill two important reporting requirements each year. Lawyers are required to provide information on any pro bono legal services you provided during the prior fiscal year. In addition, lawyers must provide current information on any Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounts you have at the time of filing.

When Are the Reports Filed? You must file both the reports no later than September 10 each year, for the prior fiscal year period (July 1 – June 30).

How Do I File the Reports? All pro bono and IOLTA reporting must be filed online through the Attorney Information System (AIS). You must first register in AIS in order to complete the online reports. See for additional information.

You will receive an email notice on or about July 10 of each year, notifying you it is time to file these reports and pay the annual Client Protection Fund assessments. The reports and payments may all be made at the same time in AIS. Payments can also be made separately by check or money order.

What Happens If I Do Not File the Pro Bono or IOLTA Report? Failure to file either the pro bono or the IOLTA report can result in the decertification from the practice of law in Maryland. If you have been decertified for failing to file one of these reports, please see the information here.

When Will I Be Able to File? Filing for pro bono and IOLTA is on or about July 10. You will receive email notifications when it is time to complete your annual reports.