Maryland Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement

The Maryland Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement must be filed annually by Active and Senior Judges, Orphans’ Court Judges, Magistrates, District Court Commissioners, Court Auditors and Examiners.

The Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement can be completed online or in paper form but we encourage you to file online.

NOTE TO FILERS: In lieu of providing names, please identify family members by their relationship to you (i.e., spouse, daughter, son). This applies to all Schedules where a family member may be listed.

Your 2022 Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement is due on or before April 30, 2023.


Link to the online Maryland Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement:

The following documents will assist you with filing your statement online:

If you need assistance with completing your statement, please contact Debra Kaminski (410-260-1271) or via email at or Ebonye Caldwell (410-260-1289) or via email at



General Information

Upon request, members of the public are entitled to view and receive a copy of a filed Maryland Judiciary Financial Disclosure Statement. The individual who desires to view a financial disclosure statement must provide photo identification and their home address for record-keeping purposes.  It is the Judiciary’s practice to notify you if your statement was viewed and/or copied.