Chair: Hon. Alan M. Wilner
Vice Chair: Hon. Douglas R. M. Nazarian
Reporter: Sandra F. Haines, Esquire
Deputy Reporter: Colby L. Schmidt, Esquire
Assistant Reporter: Heather Cobun, Esquire
Assistant Reporter: Meredith A. Drummond, Esquire
Executive Aide: Sarah McAdams

Under Article IV § 18(a) of the Maryland Constitution, the Supreme Court of Maryland is empowered to regulate the practice and procedure in, and the judicial administration of, the courts of this State; and under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article § 13-301, the Supreme Court may appoint a standing committee of lawyers, judges, and other persons competent in judicial practice, procedure, or administration to assist the Court in the exercise of its rulemaking power. The Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, often referred to simply as the Rules Committee, was appointed originally in 1946 to succeed an ad hoc Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure created in 1940. Its members meet regularly to consider proposed amendments and additions to the Maryland Rules of Procedure and to submit recommendations for change to the Supreme Court.

The Maryland Rules are available through Westlaw. Please note that the Maryland Judiciary neither administers the website nor assumes any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided outside of its own site.