Request for Certificate of Good Standing

Attorneys, if you need a certificate of good standing for applications to the bar of other states or for employment or other purposes, you can now request the certificate on your own through AIS. Click here for a guide for how to request the certificate. If you are not in, in fact, in good standing, the system will not permit you to order a certificate. You are not in good standing if you are currently disbarred or suspended or if you are temporarily suspended or decertified for failure to comply with IOLTA or pro bono reporting or for failure to pay Client Protection Fund annual assessments.

When you request a Certificate of Good Standing through AIS, you will be charged the normal $7.00 certificate fee plus a small convenience fee. The Certificate will be in your AIS profile and can be used multiple times, however the Certificate is only valid for 60 days. If you require a raised seal on your certificate, the AIS ordering process allows you to indicate that. If you do, the certificate with the raised seal will be mailed to you.

You can still request certificates through the mail or by coming to the office in person but, if you do, you must pay by cash or check. Click here for a fillable request form. The form and your payment should be delivered or mailed to:

Clerk, Supreme Court of Maryland
Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building
361 Rowe Boulevard, 4th Floor
Annapolis, MD  21401

Please contact the Clerk’s Office at the Supreme Court at (410)260-1500 if you have any questions.

Guide for Requesting a Certificate of Good Standing (PDF)

Because a Certificate of Good Standing is not the same thing as a statement of disciplinary history, if you need that statement, please send a signed letter requesting your disciplinary history to:

Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland
Office of Bar Counsel
200 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Suite 300
Annapolis, Maryland  21401

or you can email the letter as an attachment to: [email protected]. In your letter, please indicate where you would like the statement sent. For questions or additional information, call (410) 514-7051.