Judicial College


The Judicial College adds value to the Maryland Judiciary by providing relevant, results-oriented education and professional development for all stakeholders to reach their peak potential and support, fair, efficient, and effective justice for all.


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  • Secured approval from the Judicial Council for a mandatory Judicial Ethics course for all judges and magistrates. Build and implement said course.
  • Organize and host the inaugural Certificate Programs Graduate Day.
  • Proficiency-Based Education and Training System (PBETS) rollout.
  • Use a proficiency-based program to educate all courtroom staff on effective communication, excellent customer service, and assisting difficult people.
  • Develop and implement a mandatory online Implicit Bias for all Judiciary Employees course.
  • Create micro-learning for “Just-In-Time” training on targeted subject matter.
  • Research and recommend cost-neutral educational resources that support continuing education. Make available Judiciary-wide.
  • Collaborate with Court Technology Committee to survey the Judiciary on technology preparedness for educational online courses. Provide results to the Court Operations Committee.
  • Enhance Certificate Program curricula design to maximize learning.
  • Require a minimum number of continuing education hours for various employee classifications.
  • Develop an educational liaison program.
  • Implement a bi-annual faculty conference in which various faculty development-related workshops are offered, along with a plenary session attended by educational experts, etc.
  • Create a network of educational podcasts that may be of interest to Judiciary employees.

College Updates

In 2019, the College accomplished the following:

  • Piloted judicial webinar series for CLE credit.
  • Conducted webinars on writing effective emails.
  • Increased field training offerings in both Judicial Education and Professional Development.
  • Established and implemented an ADA-compliant standard for all courses. This was a 2020 strategic goal that was initiated in 2019.
  • Developed and offered an expanded list of webinars across all three educational College offices.
  • Expanded volunteer programming to include resources that will assist with faculty development (newsletter, templates, etc.)
  • Initiated development of Certificate Program Alumni Day.
  • Researched and identified topics that are critical for all Judiciary employees to receive training on.
  • Created a standard set of education-related templates for course materials Judiciary-wide.
  • Continued to work on the development of the Proficiency-Based Education and Training System (PBETS) rollout.
  • Developed and rolled out the Training of Trainers (TOT) program offered to all volunteer faculty.
  • New Employee Technology Orientation – Judges edition was rolled out, providing a "technology 101" for all new judges within their first few weeks with the Judiciary.
  • Professional Development expanded course offering by partnering with external subject-matter experts.