Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee is composed of attorney and public members who are appointed by the Attorney Grievance Commission.  The Committee sits in panel format of at least two attorneys and one non-attorney member with one attorney member designated as Panel Chair.  The Panel considers the Statement of Charges and all relevant information presented by Bar Counsel and the attorney concerning it, determines whether there is a substantial basis that the attorney has committed professional misconduct or is incapacitated, and makes a recommendation to the Attorney Grievance Commission in accordance with Maryland Rule 19-720(e). 

Periodically, there are openings on the Peer Review Committee. As such, if you have actively practiced law in the State of Maryland for at least five (5) years, maintain an office in Maryland, and would like to be considered when an opening occurs, you may submit an application to the Chair of the Peer Review Committee as provided below. Your application will be held on file until an opening occurs or for up to one year.

Appointments to the Peer Review Committee are for a period of two (2) years, which may be extended until completion of a pending matter.  Members may be reappointed.  Requirements specific to attorney and public member appointments are detailed in Title 19, Chapter 700 of the Maryland Rules.



For inquiries regarding the Peer Review application, please contact:

Deborah L. Potter, Esquire
Chair, Peer Review Committee
AGC of Maryland
16701 Melford Blvd
Suite 421
Bowie, MD  20715
(301) 917-2375
[email protected]