Civil Non-Domestic Differentiated Case Management Plan

Differentiated Case Management (DCM) is a concept designed to improve the efficiency of case processing and reduce the demand for judicial intervention at every phase of litigation. DCM achieves these goals by the early differentiation of cases entering the judicial system in terms of the nature and extent of judicial resources they will require.

A Civil (Non-Domestic) Differentiated Case Management Plan for Howard County was recently approved by the Court of Appeals for Maryland. The comprehensive nature of this plan will result in more efficient and effective management of the Court’s civil cases.

Pursuant to Md. Rule 2-111, a Civil Non-Domestic Case Information Report must be filed with a complaint/petition and a copy must be served on the defendant/respondent. The form must be filed in all civil cases, except those cases that are exempt by an Administrative Order and in certain case types that are excluded from the DCM Plan. The parties select a track on the Civil Non-Domestic Information Report based on case characteristics. The case will be assigned by the clerk to one of five tracks when initiating a case onto the UCS computer system:

  1. Administrative
  2. Expedited
  3. Standard
  4. Extended
  5. Complex

If an information form selecting a track is not provided, the Clerk’s Office will automatically place the case on Track 2.

Once the clerk has assigned a track, a Scheduling Order will be generated. The cut-off dates for certain case milestones (such as discovery completion deadlines and motion submission deadlines) will be automatically calculated based on the track type and filing date and will print on the computer generated Scheduling Order. Counsel and parties are notified of discovery dates in a Scheduling Order when the complaint is filed, and when service is obtained. The Clerk’s Office will forward the order, along with summons (if applicable), to the Plaintiff’s attorney. An Information Form for Defendant(s) and copies of the Plaintiff’s Information Form will be attached to the summons & copies of complaint.