Civil (Non-Domestic) ADR Program

“Alternative Dispute Resolution” means the process of resolving matters in pending litigation through a settlement conference, neutral case evaluation, neutral fact-finding, arbitration, mediation, other non-judicial dispute resolutions process, or combination of those processes. It is the policy of the Court to encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in accordance with Title 17 of the Maryland Rules of Procedure.

This court maintains lists of practitioners qualified by the Administrative Judge in the following ADR processes:

  • Mediator – an impartial person with whom the parties work; without providing legal advice, assists the parties in reaching their own voluntary agreement for the resolution of all or part of their disputes.
  • Retired Judge – conducts settlement conference where the parties can discuss issues and positions in an attempt to settle the dispute by agreement or by means other than trial; may recommend the terms of an agreement.
  • Volunteer Facilitator – any attorney who assists the parties in reaching settlement of any or all issues on a Pro Bono basis.  May suggest options to the parties or recommend terms of an agreement.

  • Roster of Court Approved Mediators [PDF]
  • ADR Forms:

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