Electronic Filing - Prince George's County

NOTICE: House Bill 18 Ch. 746, passed during the 2021 Legislative Session. The legislation requires a revision to the DC-CV-082 (Failure to Pay Rent form and the creation of a new Notice of Intent to File a Complaint for Summary Ejectment (Fail to Pay Rent). Landlords must provide the new notice to the tenant before filing a fail to pay rent complaint. The notice states the tenant has 10 days after receiving the notice to pay the rent due. As of 10/2021, the new version of the DC-CV-082 Fail to Pay Rent form (see below) includes the required statement for the landlord to affirm the date the notice was provided to the tenant.

The new DC-CV-115, Notice of Intent to File a Complaint for Summary Ejectment (Fail to Pay Rent), includes contact information for court resources and non-profit legal service organizations to assist tenants. The notice can be printed from the court’s website on the effective date of October 1, 2021. 

After 09/30/2021, previous versions of the DC-CV-082 will not be accepted. The DC-CV-082MH is not affected by the 2021 legislation. 



*Failure to Pay Rent (DC-CV-082pg) may be completed online, saved to your computer and filed electronically to LexisNexis File & Serve. See Important Notice below.

** Failure to Pay Rent/Mobile Homes (DC-CV-82mhpg) and Writs of Restitution form (DC-CV-081pg) may be completed online and printed, but cannot be saved onto a computer without Adobe PDF Writer or other pdf writer software. PDF writer software that allows you to save completed forms to your computer may be purchased from software vendors. This software is not provided by the court.

If you do not have PDF writer software, but still wish to file electronically, you may fill out the forms online,
then print it. The printed form then may be scanned into your computer.
You may then upload the scanned and saved file to LexisNexis File & Serve and electronically file it
with the court.

Note: Adobe Reader may be required in order to download these forms. A free version is available.


Revised: 10/28/2022