Traffic Violation(s) Installment Payment Plan Notice

Do you have outstanding traffic citation fine(s) that total at least $300.00?*

Is your driver's license or privilege suspended or may be suspended by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) for failing to pay the fines?

You can request an installment payment plan from the court clerk if you:

  • Fill out and submit form, DCA-131, Request for Traffic Violation(s) Installment Payment Plan;
  • Certify that you cannot pay the fines (that total at least $300.00);
  • Agree to make monthly installment payments of 10% of the total fine amount; Specify the citation numbers and offenses;
  • State whether your license is or may be suspended for failing to pay the fine(s); and
  • Inform the clerk if you change your address during the term of the installment payment plan.

If your fines are eligible and the clerk grants the request, the court will notify the MVA not to suspend your license for these fine(s) or, to remove any suspension related to the failure to pay the fine(s). The MVA may still suspend your license due to an accumulation of points.

Note: If you fail to pay an installment payment by the due date or the total fine amount when due, the MVA will be notified and your license may be suspended.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please see the Traffic Violation(s) Installment Payment Plans webpage for more information.