Interpreter Continuing Education

Court interpreting is a highly skilled profession that requires training, education, experience, and knowledge of legal terminology in both languages. If you are new to court interpreting and would like to receive initial training and gain experience, we encourage you to explore the interpreter training opportunities listed below:

Interpreter Training:


Interpreter Education Online offers a convenient, comprehensive and language specific educational opportunity to students whether their ultimate goal is to:

  • pass a certification exam
  • improve interpretation techniques through language specific exercises
  • expand their knowledge of the legal system and specialized topics
  • improve their performance in the courtroom or in the other legal settings


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Cross-Cultural Communications, LLC
10015 Old Columbia Road
Suite B-215
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-312-5599
Fax : 410-750-0332
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Provides professional training for bilingual staff and community interpreters. Interpreters receive a certificate, which will make them more competitive in the field.



AYUDA trainings are reserved for experienced interpreters who already have, at a minimum, 40 hours of foundational training. For more information, please visit:

To obtain basic training as an interpreter, please visit the following webpage:

De La Mora Interpreter Training:
Liberty Languages:

Cross Cultural Communications:

Athena Sky Interpreting
The Agnese Haury Institute for Interpretation (AHI) offered by the University of Arizona's National Center for Interpretation (NCI):
SCSI Media-Affiliate of the Southern California School of Interpretation - Online

More Resources

For more information, see the National Center for State Courts - State Interpreter Certification.