Access to Justice Department

NOTICE: The Maryland Judiciary is using the AmpliFund grants management system (GMS) for fiscal year 2022 Programs Division grants and District Court Problem-Solving Court budget requests.   For more information about the GMS, please contact Alecia Parker at or 410-260-3544 or the department contact identified below.

Access to Justice Grants
The Access to Justice Grant Program provides funding to support programs that enhance access to justice.  Funds are made available to courts and other grantees to support the purchase of software tools, technology, consultant services or other costs associated with innovations designed to enhance access to the courts or to legal services for the indigent or other critical populations

Grant Purpose
Grants are offered to enhance the courts’ ability to provide meaningful access to the Maryland courts.   Suggested projects include those that address the needs of self-represented litigants, persons with Limited English Proficiency, persons with disabilities, seniors, youth, and any court user that faces barriers in using the courts or navigating the civil justice system.

Eligible Applicants
Eligible applicants are identified each year in the Notice of Funding Availability.  In most years, grants are available for Circuit Courts and District Courts. The Department may solicit grant applications from its justice-system partners and other entities, when appropriate.

Availability and Award of Funds
The availability of funds is contingent upon funds budgeted for the Maryland Judiciary by the Maryland General Assembly and designated for the Access to Justice Grant program by the Chief Judge.  Applicants who are awarded funding for the coming fiscal year will receive notice in early June.

For more information, please contact Pamela Ortiz, Director, Access to Justice Department at 410-260-1258 or