Procedure for Requesting Postponements

Change of Trial, Hearing or Conference Dates

A party who desires a change of the time of any trial, hearing or conference must obtain several possible alternate times from the Assignment Commissioner and, within 5 days thereafter:

  1. Attempt to secure the agreement of all other parties to one of those alternate times.
  2. File with the Clerk a written request for change to one of those alternate times.

If all parties are agreed, the request may be made by letter. On its own initiative, or if all parties are not agreed, the Court may act upon the request ex parte or submit the matter to conference under Rule 2-504.1 (a)(2). Whether or not the parties have discussed and/or agreed upon an alternate date, any existing Notice of Trial, Scheduling Order or Pretrial Order remains in full effect until the change has been approved in writing by the Court. If a change of date is approved, all instructions or provisions of the original Notice or Order so modified remain fully applicable to the new date.

Contact Information:

Dawn C. Nock, Assignment Commissioner
Circuit Court for Queen Anne's County
410-758-0216, ext. 149