Procedure to Request a Transcript:

All requests for a transcript of proceedings before the Court or Master must be submitted in writing. No transcript requests will be accepted over the telephone. At this time, we do not provide audio recordings of court proceedings. For your convenience, you may print and complete (type or print legibly) a Transcript Request Form, providing all required information, and return it as instructed on the form to:

Court Reporter
Circuit Court for Queen Anne's County
100 Courthouse Square
Centreville, Maryland 21617

Once your request has been received, a staff member from the Court Reporter’s Office will contact you to indicate the fee for your request and to provide instructions for sending payment. When your payment has been received, the order will be processed by the Court Reporters. Do not send checks to the Court. We cannot accept cash or credit cards.

If you do not hear from the Court Reporter’s Office within five (5) business days of submitting your request, please call 410.758.0216, Extension 111.

Cost of Transcripts:

As set forth by the Maryland Judiciary's Court Reporting Manual (February 2005), transcript charges for regular copies shall be as follows:

  • For the original of a transcript: $3.00 per page.
  • For first additional copy: 50¢ per page.
  • For second additional copy: 25¢ per page

Notes: Additional charges will be assessed for expedited transcripts. The person requesting transcripts for appeals and exceptions to master's recommendations is assessed the cost for the original and the copies required for other parties.