Classification, Salary Administration & HRIS

It is the mission of Classification, Salary Administration & HRIS to promote fair and consistent application of the classification and salary practices for positions in the Maryland Judiciary and maintain the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Classification, Salary Administration & HRIS:

  • Provides a pay system that allows the Judiciary to attract and retain competent employees;
  • Supports the mission of the Judiciary and encouraging employees to consider their employment as a career rather than an interim job;
  • Establishes equitable pay standards to assure that employees with similar responsibilities are paid comparably;
  • Provides a pay structure that reflects the relative worth of positions in the Judiciary;
  • Provides a system whereby salary budgets can be systematically planned, established, monitored, and controlled;
  • Assures compliance with all relevant federal and state wage and salary laws and guidelines;
  • Maintains the Human Resources Information System (HRIS)