Find Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is one type of alternative dispute resolution, also known as “ADR”. It is an alternative way to resolve your conflict. Unlike a trial before a court, it gives the participants an opportunity to control the outcome. A neutral person, the mediator, meets with the people involved in the situation. Each person has a chance to speak, to be heard, and to hear each other.

Find a Mediator

There are several ways to find a mediator:

There are community mediation centers located throughout Maryland. These programs provide free or low-cost mediation services at the neighborhood level. Many Centers also offer remote mediation services. Find the program in your county.

Maryland also has a large number of private practice mediators. You can search for mediators by county, dispute category, and by mediator name through the online Mediator Directory on the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME). Start your search.

Most circuit courts in Maryland have approved mediator rosters for cases appropriate for mediation. Contact the Clerk’s Office at your nearest circuit court location to review the roster and application materials.